Every Renata Rubio piece of silver jewelry is created by small, family owned operations that often employ an entire extended family.  We believe in doing well by doing good.  Everyone involved in our enterprise is very well compensated.  We want future generations of silversmiths to not only make a living, but thrive with dignity.

Family of artisans


Renata Rubio 92.5 Jewelry is born in the silver capital of the world: Taxco, Mexico.  Every piece of silver jewelry is hand-crafted with exacting detail, by generations of artisan families who are committed to excellence.  All our jewelry is fair trade, meaning our artisan families are not just surviving, but thriving and passing down their skills to future generations.   Knowing where, how and by whom our jewelry is made, is at the core of our mission of doing well by doing good.

Lifetime Warranty

We trust the quality of our craftsmanship 100% and so can you.  Every piece of Renata Rubio 92.5 jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty, regardless of whether you purchased your jewelry from us, or one of our retail partners.  At Renata Rubio 92.5 quality never goes out of style.  We believe, and make certain, that our jewelry will look flawless not just when you first wear it, but for generations to come.

Recognition of Our Work

Cowboys and Indians Magazine

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