What Is Sleeping Beauty Turquoise?

Updated: Jan 11

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise featured on Cowboys and Indians Magazine

Turquoise has been classified as a rare and valuable gemstone that has been incredibly popular and well-known since discovery because of its unique hue and saturation. Due to the high demand for turquoise, mines were created to extract the beautiful gemstones. Some mines became more well known than others for their highly pigmented and rare turquoise.

The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine was praised for the quality of its beautiful blue toned gemstones and was recognized as one of the largest turquoise mines in Northern America up until its closure. Unfortunately, the mine in Arizona has been closed since 2012 and Sleeping Beauty Turquoise has become more rare and difficult to find.  Sleeping Beauty Turquoise is favored by jewelers for the purity of the color and also favored by Renata Rubio 92.5 for the its undying elegance and artistry.

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Oxidized Silver Cuff with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

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