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Threader earrings are unbelievably comfortable and very stylish.  These earrings are a very thin sterling silver wire, 1MM which is the thickness of a post or earring hook.  One end of the sterling silver wire is held by a pair of pliers with one hand, while the other end of the wire is coiled flat until this unique design is achieved.  


From top to bottom these earrings measure 2 inches, and from side to side they measure 1.1 inches.  If you've never worn threader earrings, these would be a good pair to start your collection.  You won't even know you have them on, they're that comfortable.


We have other versions of this style of earrings.  We have a silver triangle threader and a teardrop threader.  Check them out!


Your earrings will arrive in a velvet jewelry pouch, along with a polishing cloth.  Our jewelry is artisan-crafted to last a lifetime, and ships worldwide, free of charge.

Coiled Silver Threader Earrings


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