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This classic saddle ring has a double sideways curve.  The inside of the curve has an oxidized finish, whicle the outer rims have a high shine polished finish, giving this elegant ring a timeless black and white contrast.  This ring is both tall and wide, so for sure it will make a statement when you wear it.  The ring measures 1.2" from tip to tip and it's 1" wide, and just for fun, it's .6 tall.  


This ring is created using a process called lost wax process, or cire-perdue in French.  More than a ring, you're wearing a sculpture because that is what a wax cast mold creates.   


Superb skill and artistry translate to pure comfort.  Wax casting is not for everyone, only those with the skill and patience to make an individual mold for each individual ring.  A wax mold is hand-made, then the hot, liquid sterling silver is poured into it.  This process then melts away the mold, destroying it.  What is left is a sterling silver sculpture of the mold.  A new mold is then made to make another ring, and so on.


Common on every continent except Australia, the lost-wax method dates from the 3rd millennium BC and has sustained few changes since then.

Sideways Saddle Wax Cast Ring


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