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This beautiful and flawless snowflake pendant is created using a technique called lost wax process, or cire-perdue in French.  This pendant consists of multiple sterling silver points sprouting from its center.  The shiny tips contrast with a matted background, giving this pendant depth and substance. This pendant measures 1.5 inches in diameter and comes on a black leather cord. 


Wax casting is not for everyone, only those with the skill and patience to make an individual mold for each individual ring.  A wax mold is hand-made, then the hot, liquid sterling silver is poured into it.  This process then melts away the mold, destroying it.  What is left is a sterling silver sculpture of the mold.  A new mold is then made to make another ring, and so on.


Common on every continent except Australia, the lost-wax method dates from the 3rd millennium BC and has sustained few changes since then.


A velvet jewelry pouch and polishing cloth is included with your purchase.

Snowflake Silver Pendant


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