All our jewelry is artisan crafted to last a lifetime,

ships worldwide free of charge,

arrives beautifully packaged and includes a free polishing cloth.


Ready or not, 

the Holidays are (too) fast






The perfect holiday gift: sets of earrings, necklace and bracelets at a special discount.  

Collecting Christmas Tree
Wavy Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cuff
Sonoran Turquoise Beaded Bracelet
Pounded Hoops
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise bracelet
Knitted Christmas Tree Ornaments
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cuff
Sterling Silver Rings
Oxidized 8MM Beaded Bracelet
Christmas Decorations
Curved Triangle Link Necklace
Solid Trapezoid Ring
20" Pounded Loop Necklace
6ft. Sonoran Turquoise Necklace
Oval Studs with Enamel Stones
Beaded Neklaces
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pendant
Set of Pearl Earrings and Pendant
White Reindeer on Wooden Surface
Multi Thread Cuff
Wax Cast Wide Curved Ring
Beaded Sterling Silver Necklace
Christmas Cookies
Sleeping Beauty Flower Set
Coiled Dangle Earrings
Circle and Square Set of Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings
Triple Pear Dangle Earrings
Unisex Cuff
Open Rectangle Necklace
Jewelry Boxes
Oxidized Sleeping Beauty Cuff
Oval link silver necklace
Silversmith at work
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Pendant
Georgia O'Keeffe Cuffs
Bolo Ties
Family Dinner


Our sterling silver jewelry has a long journey before it comes to you. Laura Renata Rubio travels regularly to Taxco, Mexico, the silver capital of the world, and is personally involved in the design, development, and selection of each piece of jewelry. She works exclusively with small, family-owned operations, which in many cases employ an entire extended family. Like the links of a chain, each component involved in bringing these treasures to you is absolutely necessary for the process to be fair and complete.

Each piece is unique and personal.

It is wearable art.


All our jewelry is 92.5 Sterling Silver.  It is not silver coated: it is the real thing.  For a piece of jewelry to be called "sterling silver" it needs to be 92.5% pure silver alloyed with 7.5% copper. This is an international standard decreed by Edward I of England, and has remained unchanged since 1300 AD. 

Always handcrafted to perfection, our jewelry is made using time-honored methods handed down for generations, which is a deep source of pride.  By meeting the highest of quality standards, we are able to extend a lifetime warranty on every piece of jewelry we sell.

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Every Look

From the classic and timeless, to the eclectic and playful styles, earrings are a must have.

And if a necklace matches...

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Sleeping Beauty


You know you found something special when you wear genuine Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. 

Each piece is one of a kind, as every stone requires its own individual mold.


"Renata Rubio’s jewelry has got to be some of the best silver I have ever had. I am so in love with my silver rings that I have not taken them off in months. Completely obsessed with them and cannot be happier with my purchase."

Isabella Acosta

"Renata Rubio 92.5 Wowwww!!!!! what a great jewelry line with Fantastic designs. I have some navajo pearls with turquoise, they are great additional layering pieces. I collect her collections 😁🌞💫"

Renata Rubio jewelry is absolutely gorgeous. I can’t go anywhere without people commenting on where my bracelet is from. All of her jewelry is hand crafted and that alone blows my mind. The time and love taken to make each piece shines through in her work. I can’t wait to get more stunning pieces to adorn myself with. Especially when her jewelry comes in the cutest packaging! It makes you feel so special once it arrives. The packaging is a present in itself! It also comes with a polishing cloth. Since it’s all gorgeous sterling silver, the polishing cloth is the cherry on top!


Rings Simply Say So Much

Our rings are all solid sterling silver, and trying one on is falling in love with the weight, comfort and craftsmanship.



New Collection


Fresh Water Pearls


All original designs copyright registered 2020

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