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The 16" version of the Flat Circle Necklace can be worn on its own, or stacked with its 20" twin, as pictured here.  This very classy, timeless design looks great with any outfit.  Each circle is soldered so it won't come apart.  It can be worn with the clasp to the front, the side or the back.


The set of two necklaces, one 16" and one 20", a bracelet and a pair of earrings is also available to purchase at a special discounted price.  Visit our Sets page.  You may also purchase each item individually.


Matching earrings are EGG805

Matching bracelet is BGG151

20" Necklace is NGG313

16" Flat Silver Circle Necklace

  • Matching Earrings, Bracelet and 16" Necklace

    Earrings are EGG805

    Bracelet is BGG151

    16" Necklace is NGG307

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