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This graduated link necklace has both depth and substance, all wrapped in sophistication.  Flat sterling silver wire is hand coiled to form a labyrinth.  The surface of this wire has a high polish finish, while the inside of the labyrinth has a matted finish.  The link at the center, hanging lowest on the neckline measures 1.4 inches tall by 1 inch wide.  Then the links gradually get smaller: 1.2 inches by 1 inch, then 1 inch by .8 inch.  The smallest link measures .7 inch by .6 inch, and those attach to the T toggle.  Each link is connected by a soldered loop, because your necklace should stay together for years to come.


The necklace measures 18 inches long and can be extended to 19 inches, thanks to its secure T toggle that can clasp to one of three loops.


Matching earrings are EGG801

Matching bracelet is BGG128 

Matching ring is RGG128


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Silver Labyrinth Necklace


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